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27 Nov 2019

Sponsored by Zappos

Don’t call her a cowgirl until you see her boot collection! 

When I start to plan and envision outfits to wear for whatever event or activity I have coming up, my rule of thumb is to always start with a statement piece, then proceed to style the rest of the outfit around that specific item. I’ll be honest, that 9 times out of 10, my boots or shoes are the last piece I usually reach for to finalize my look. Ho...

22 Oct 2019

Getting’ cozy this season in some top Wrangler picks from Zappos

Sponsored by Zappos

My autumn wardrobe changed faster than the leaves this fall! I’m not sure how the weather has been where you live, but here in the Inland Northwest, our temperatures went from 75 to 35 like it saw a state trooper! As the unprepared gal that I am, naturally all my warm layers were still packed away collecting dust in the garage. Thankfully, Zappo...

11 Oct 2019

Sakroots is here to save the day!
Sponsored by Zappos

Let me be completely honest with you all, my life is a WRECK! While most of my photos might make me look like I have it all together, don’t let my social media fool you by any means; I am a girl constantly on the go, always running late, probably spilling coffee on myself, but I’m always just trying to look flawless while getting things done! Since it happens to be National...

7 Dec 2017

The time has finally come ladies! Tonight kicks off the start to the greatest 10 days of rodeo of the year! Viva Las Vegas had turned into cowboy town, and back numbers have been announced! All we need is a sweet little National Anthem to get us started!

For you ladies lucky enough to be attending, I am finishing off my 10 Rounds of fashion inspo here for you! Now go hit up Cowboy Christmas to put hose last minute looks togethe...

25 Nov 2017

When I first started typing this blog, we were officially in the TEENS for number of days from the Big Dance! Weellllll, NOW that I've gotten around to posting it, we are now just over 10 DAYS AWAY! Where is the time going?! I swear the holiday season makes time fly! These next few days will be your last chance to purchase outfit pieces online without having to pay for that 2-day shipping! And what convenient timing to buy onl...

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