Busy Girl, Life Proof Handbag

11 Oct 2019

Sakroots is here to save the day! 
Sponsored by Zappos





Let me be completely honest with you all, my life is a WRECK! While most of my photos might make me look like I have it all together, don’t let my social media fool you by any means; I am a girl constantly on the go, always running late, probably spilling coffee on myself, but I’m always just trying to look flawless while getting things done! Since it happens to be National Handbag Day, it seems like an appropriate time to share something that has been helping keep my life a little more together: this Sakroots Foldover Crossbody bag from Zappos!




When I was introduced to this Sakroots Artist Circle Foldover Crossbody purse, my initial thought was how I loved how roomy and secure it was! I’m constantly tossing my purse in the passenger seat of my car or dropping it on my desk at work, so it was really great when all of my everyday essentials didn’t go flying everywhere when I tend to get a little reckless with my handbag. This particular Sakroots purse is also small, but MIGHTY! I have a bad habit of turning every purse I use into a blackhole for my wallet, sunglasses, mints, lipstick, earphones, YOU NAME IT! I was pleasantly surprised how organized I was able to keep all my items, without the bag becoming too bulky or cluttered!





What kind of handbag do you typically gravitate towards? I’ll admit I have a shopping & handbag addiction and I have a special bag for every occasion, but when it comes to everyday life, I love a durable bag that can get the job done! Shop this Sakroots Crossbody HERE!






Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume most of you have heard of, or shopped at, Zappos! This site was honestly one of the first places I started using when I discovered online shopping 10 years ago! Well I want to share something that you might not know about Zappos: Zappos Rewards! This is a FREE program to sign up for, and the benefits are an online shoppers dream! Not only do you get Points on every purchase that you can later redeem for purchase discounts, but you get FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING! I mean, how many times have you exited a shopping cart when you saw the outrageous shipping cost that was going to be associated with your purchase? With Zappos Rewards, there are no more shopping carts left behind!



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