10 Weeks of NFR Style Inspo - Rounds 5 & 6

6 Nov 2017

Okay, okay... I know what yall are thinking. I am two (ALMOST three) weeks behind with my WNFR outfit inspo blogs. Well, life happens and it takes some unexpected turns. These past two weeks have been nothing short of hectic for me and I have finally caught up on my to-do list just in-time to keep myself from being three weeks behind! (I meeeean we are only 31 days out at this point! *sweating profusely*)



So, because of this, it is now your lucky day! I am here to bring you FOUR outfit posts, for rounds 5 & 6, both daytime and nighttime looks! I usually like to inform you all on a few NFR tidbits or helpful hints, but since I have kept you waiting for so long, let's just dive right into it!


Daytime Look Round 5


Top: The Rusty Rose

Jacket: The Rambler Boutique

Jeans: Buckin Wild Designs Boutique

Boots: Corral Boots

Navajo Pearls: Turquoise & Teepees


Nighttime Look Round 5


Dress: Savannah Sevens

Hat: Paige 1912

Boots: Miss Macie Boots

Leather Choker: Paige Leather

Purse: Paige Leather


Now let's jump ahead a day to Round 6...


Daytime Look Round 6


Dress: Free People

Hat: Lonehawk Hats

Boot Rugs: Boot Rugs

Jewelry: Chelsea Collette Collections


Nighttime Look Round 6


Jumpsuit: Pretty Rebellious Boutique

Jacket: Soul Revival Boutique

Boots: City Boots

Squash Blossom: Cholla's Turquoise

Hair: Western Velour Beauty Co


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