Roped into a Western World with Fashion Posse

3 May 2017

As a western blogger, I search high and low for inspiration to create unique looks and captivating content for my followers. Before I decided to take the leap of faith myself, there were months of observing (okay, drooling) over the the styles of the gals dominating the western fashion scene. Tiffany McGhan of Fashion Posse was always at the front of the line for pages I would make sure to visit everyday for the latest updates, trends and inspo. From reporting rodeo fashion to highlighting amazing boutiques, there is no doubt that there is a little piece of fashion to catch the interest for styles of all kinds.


So what does it take to become such an established blogger? Tiffany will be the first to tell you it sure doesn't happen overnight! Fashion Posse first caught it's gleam of light three years ago, and through immense amounts dedication, rodeos, photos, and collaborations, FP has developed into the social hot spot for the best of the best in rodeo fashion! (You know you've dreamed of being asked to get your photo taken by one of these girls!)


1. What first inspired the start of Fashion Posse and did you expect it to become what it is today when you started it?


I was asked to write a fashion article in a magazine in 2014. So that's what started it. At the time Fashion Police was one of my favorite shows. So I decided to name the article Fashion Posse. 


Then I started the social media pages. Being on the road in and out of service became a hassle for me to meet my deadlines. So I had to let the article part of it go. Luckily the social media pages kept growing and it was much easier for me to just post from my phone on the road. 


I never thought it would catch the attention of so many people. When the Facebook page hit 2000 likes, I thought that was so great! Now we're at 16,600 on Facebook and 30,000 followers on Instagram! I'm just grateful to everyone that follows along and encourages me by liking the work that we do. I enjoy taking pictures of all the beautiful rodeo wives, girlfriends, fans and  all their great fashion. We hope to continue to grow and keep bringing the fans all the western fashion we get to see on the rodeo road. 


2. What's your favorite aspect of Fashion Posse?


I love all of it! My passion is photography so I'd say the street style rodeo fashion aspect of it is my favorite. I just love how a good photo makes someone feel. When I post a picture of someone and they text me or comment to say thank you and that it made them feel good, that's what I like to most. Photos are such amazing things . They capture things you don't normally see yourself. 


3. You recently expanded Fashion Posse and brought on Shaina Clifford and Keenie Word. How has this benefited Fashion Posse? Has it brought any additional opportunities to you and FP?


It's been great to have two more ladies on board to help. I didn't feel like I was doing the followers justice.  Keenie and Shania bring a lot to the table as far as being at different events and getting more pictures at the bigger rodeos we go to together. We all three have a different style; Keen is our Nashville songstress and Shaina is our Native beauty. So I think that is better for all the followers to see different styles.



4. You teamed up with the Boutique Hub to bring the NFR Style Guide (which was amazing!), can you briefly explain your thoughts and efforts behind it? What was the primary goal with it?


Yes, Ashley Alderson with the Boutique Hub and I had been wanting to work together on a project for a long time. She is such a fun, positive , business minded women. I love what she is doing with the Boutique Hub. It's a great way for boutiques, stores and brands to network and on the other side it's a great place for shoppers also. 


We talked a few months before the NFR and Ashleÿ said let's do something big this year! So we came up with the style/ shopping guide together. The idea behind it is to provide shoppers with a better NFR shopping experience. There are so many different shopping locations now, it's hard to get through all of them in the little time you have during the day. So we put together the locations of all the great boutiques and stores out there, to make shopping easier and faster. Then we also feature the styles that are treading in the western world, the best western fashion influencers at the time ( which included West Desperado), we did a Q&A with Fallon Taylor, a holiday guide and top 10 best boutiques.


We never would've gotten it all done without our project manager Jessie Jarvis. She had the very hard job of making me get business done and keeping everything in order. I truly think the Lord put Jessi on this project with us because he knew I needed someone like her to keep me in line.  We had a lot of fun with the Style Guide and we know it will just keep getting better every year.


5. Anyone who follows you on social media sees how much traveling you've been doing with Tuf lately! What is life really like on the road with a dedicated rodeo cowboy (for those who might think it's more of a glamorous lifestyle)?


Well right now I'm sitting in a suite at the MGM after a day of shopping and relaxing in the spa. Ha! This life definitely has it's glamorous moments. Tuf and I work really hard so that we can enjoy nice things like staying at the MGM. When we're home it is the practice pen everyday. On the road it's feeding, water, cleaning stalls, doctoring horses and making sure Tuf has everything he needs so that he can do his job. It's hard work for all these competitors living life on the road but I'd rather be with him working beside him then behind a desk somewhere. It's mostly a mental game once you're out on the road so helping him keep a good attitude and staying focused on our goals is what's most important.


6. Do you have any beauty or fashion tips/tricks for out on the road & living mostly out of a horse trailer?


No, I would never give anyone my advice, because I pack everything in my closet but only wear half of it. 7 years of going down the road with Tuf and I still haven't figured it out. The only thing I will say is when you're building out your trailer be sure to make a storage place under the pull out couches for your shoes!






Collaborating, style guides and life on the road! Tiffany has developed Fashion Posse into a household name in the western fashion industry. From seeing familiar faces fill their fashion feed to discovering new, fabulous boutiques, Fashion Posse is guaranteed to bring you the best western fashion styles on the market! Make sure to follow Fashion Posse on Instagram to see for yourself!


All photos provided by Fashion Posse, taken by Kirstie Marie Photography.

Stay wild, gypsy child

xoxo West Desperado


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