10 Signs You Know You're a Western Fashion Addict

26 Apr 2017

Let's be honest, shopping is my guilty pleasure. It's both therapeutic and rewarding coming home to a package on your doorstep after a long day of work. Visiting the mall or your favorite boutique can help you reach those 10,000 steps you've been aiming to get in for the day--so you could almost say it's a workout (especially when you are trying to squeeze into the size you think you are after a long winter).


It's no secret that the Western Fashion industry is booming right now! New boutiques and fashion bloggers are popping up left and right. Coachella 2017 was filled with western & boho inspired looks by the hundreds. So how do you know if you're becoming slightly addicted to the Western Fashion lifestyle? If you answer yes to any of the following, its safe to say you're on your way (if you aren't already) to being a western fashion addict like me.


1. You live & breathe anything turquoise



Real or faux, you just can't say no. From a simple turquoise cluster ring to a statement squash blossom, the possibilities of how you choose to wear your turquoise is endless. And you know what goes well with turquoise, EVERYTHING.


2. You own more cowboy boots than any other type of shoe



They come in so many shapes and colors, its impossible to just have one pair. You need a riding boot, a work boot, a night-out-dancing boot, a knee-high boot, a bootie, a turquoise boot.... (you see where I'm going)


3. Wild Rags are acceptable year round, on & off the ranch



There are so many colors and prints, these beauties have become way more than the scarf your granddaddy blew his nose in. From horseback to runway, you can spot wild rags in all things fashion and function.


4. Fringe.



Need I say more?


5.  A wide brimmed hat is a staple in any good wardrobe


 @Misskatyjade in @Warbonnet_Hat_Works

Felt or straw, you can't go wrong with a good lid. It can take a look from ordinary to outlaw instantly; and you coordinate your hat band to match the rest of your look! 


6. You wear way more accessories than what's found to be socially acceptable



"More is more and less is a bore" -Iris Apfel (aka every gals style inspo queen)


7. You can't say no to anything cactus



Ring holders, flower vases, prickly print tops. Cacti have taken the western fashion world by storm & I can't say I'm complaining.


8. Vintage is king



The Miranda Lambert song "Old Sh!t" comes to mind with this one. Jewelry and clothing alike, the older the better. Vintage blazers are definite head turners, with vintage skirts coming in as a close second.


9. You have a pair (or three) of bell bottom pants



...and have been told "I used to have a pair just like that back in the day" from someone over the age of 50 at least once while wearing them.


10. You know how to get dolled up, but are damn sure not afraid to get a little dirty



At the end of the day, we are all a little punchy at heart. It feels good to get your clean britches on, but we sure do have a some grit by birth that allows us to be okay getting some dirt on our hands.


Until next time, drifters!


Stay wild, gypsy child

xoxo West Desperado

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