Where it all started...

16 Dec 2016



"So what do you do?"

"Why do you post so many pictures of your outfits?"

"Do you own these clothing companies?"


...Honestly the list of questions I receive about being a blogger could go on & on & on...


My answer: I run a Western Fashion blog where I love to post styling advice, whether by me or others, for my followers to feel inspired with their own wardrobe. I also help promote small, local boutiques by using their products in my outfits. Some days I will compile an entire outfit with pieces from five or six boutiques. And I love that I am able to bring awareness of what a small shop in Texas has to offer to a girl living in Montana!


I grew up riding horses; with a professional barrel racing mother, what other choice did I have? My child hood was spent in the back of our old Dodge pick-up going from one rodeo to the next, and honestly I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! The rodeo folk were my family! But it's safe to say the cowboy way was my predetermined way of life.

I have had a love for fashion since I was a child. In middle school I had a wide-ruled notebook that I doodled my clothing design ideas, as I was bound, set and determined on growing up to be a Fashion Designer!


That was a short lived dream...


However, here I am a decade and a half later, and my love for the western lifestyle & fashion have yet to die! It wasn't until early 2016 when I discovered Instagram accounts like The Turquoise Teepee, The Bleacher Babe, The Lace Cactus, Katy Jade, and The Velvet Steer Co. that made me realize that I wasn't just the outcast girl that loved rocking her boots and conchos to class on a Thursday. (Living in the PNW & going to a larger University limited the number of "country" people around me.) There were so many other beautifully talented women out there who shared this passion! I was then able to start discovering western boutiques that were all the way across the country that could help feed my fringe addiction! No longer did I have to wait for the Pendleton Round-Up to do an annual shopping spree! I never felt a bigger feeling of relief in my life. (My bank account disagrees...)


It is no secret that 2016 has been a booming year for the Western Fashion industry. So I decided to get in while the gettin' was good! I created my Instagram page @WestDesperado as just a way to differentiate my personal life from my western fashion passion (see above that many of my current Insta friends & followers were not particularly interested in my flat lay wardrobe pics). I never would have dream what kind of success and popularity would have come from my blog in just 4 short months, but I couldn't be more excited for the journey it is taking me on!




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