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As a western blogger, I search high and low for inspiration to create unique looks and captivating content for my followers. Before I decided to take the leap of faith myself, there were months of observing (okay, drooling) over the the styles of the gals dom...


Let's be honest, shopping is my guilty pleasure. It's both therapeutic and rewarding coming home to a package on your doorstep after a long day of work. Visiting the mall or your favorite boutique can help you reach those 10,000 steps you've been aiming to ge...


New week, new you! There is something about a Monday, about a new month, about a new season that brings a feeling of motivation & inspiration. However, these fresh starts come with their challenges; there is never enough coffee on a Monday morning, there is n...


"So what do you do?"

"Why do you post so many pictures of your outfits?"

"Do you own these clothing companies?"

...Honestly the list of questions I receive about being a blogger could go on & on & on...

My answer: I run a Western Fashion blog where I love to...

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Shaley Ham

Welcome outlaws, gypsies, hippies, and drifters! My name is Shaley Ham and I am the face behind Intsagram Fashion & Lifestyle Blog, @WestDesperado.

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Instagram: @WestDesperado
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